Frequently Asked Questions

Initial consultation, orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic examination including interpretation of xrays and report of findings between 71-195 depending on what’s needed. Regular ongoing visit is 69. All claimable on health insurance.

If necessary yes. If not, no. Each individual is different.
An adjustment is a gentle experience and should cause no pain.
Yes we do. Dr Lane has five children and they all have been adjusted from birth to be as healthy as they can be. Over his 25 years’ experience he has adjusted many hundreds of pregnant mums and their babies. Adjusting babies is harmless and highly effective and all babies should be checked for birth traumas as soon as possible. Babies that are particularly susceptible to spinal injuries are those born with the use of suction, forceps or caesarian. They will not be adequately assessed for spinal traumas in hospital.
When a spine is adjusted, the supportive ligaments and tendons need time to return to normal. The longer the problem, the longer it takes. Everyone is different but your frequency of care will be determined on your history and lifestyle, your examination and xray findings.

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Dr Lane is currently unavailable for appointments but will be returning to Bunbury this August 2024. 

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