Dr Brinsley Lane

  • Dr Brinsley Lane graduated university from RMIT Melbourne in 1993 and specialises in gentle manual adjusting of the spine.
  • He has been in private practice for over twenty-eight years.
  • In 2011 he introduced Chiropractic to the Solomon Islands and started a clinic in the capital Honiara and visits regularly.
  • He has five children and seven grandchildren.
  • Dr Lane resides in Bunbury, Western Australia and is an active swimmer with the Bunbury Surf Life Saving Club.

Dr Lane in the Solomon Islands

In 2011 Dr Lane and his family moved to live in Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands.

He had no intention of introducing the concept of chiropractic to the wonderful people of the Islands but was unable to keep it a secret and one conversation lead to many more and before he knew it he was adjusting people on his kitchen table each evening.

One thing lead to another and Lane Chiropractic Honiara was born.

Dr Lane’s daughter had a very serious car accident in 2013 so the family had to return to Australia but he travels back to Honiara every few weeks and runs a clinic for a week or two over there.

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Dr Lane is currently unavailable for appointments but will be returning to Bunbury this August 2024. 

Stay tuned...