Spine related health issues often start early. As the twig is bent so grows the tree. Early detection of spinal problems in kids makes sense doesn’t it?
Have you been told old age is the cause of your problems? Chiropractic for seniors allows for better movement and quality of life and chiropractic has been shown time and time again to be safe, effective and of great benefit. Let us help you do the things you thought you’d never do again.
Dr Lane serves the people of the Solomon Islands on a regular basis after having lived there with his family.
Chiropractic care doesn’t discriminate between the young and the old. Everyone has a spine and a nervous system. Unhealthy spines lead to unhealthy life. Whether you’re one or ninety-one let us thoroughly check your spine for nerve interference.
Are you involved in a community group or club that needs a good speaker from time to time? Why not ask Dr Lane to speak. He has experience as key-note presenter and stand-up comedian internationally.
Doctors of Chiropractic in Australia have a five-year university degree and are the only professionals suitably qualified by their training and education (including radiographic qualifications) to detect and correct spinal subluxations. They are primary contact practitioners and require no referral prior to consultation.

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Dr Lane is currently unavailable for appointments but will be returning to Bunbury this August 2024. 

Stay tuned...